Nathan Boutwell (nathanomir) wrote,
Nathan Boutwell


Ah'm tahed. Ah'm so tahed that even mah spelling is drawling out in a Jawjan accent.

We came home last night and decided to move the living room furniture into the now empty dining room so the carpet cleaner can come on Tuesday. And that just got us moving. We finished with a clean living room and kitchen. At 3:30 AM!

As Trish said, she found a dust possum underneath the refrigerator. It wasn't a dust bunny -- bunnies aren't that big! It wasn't a dust kitty -- kitties are a lot nicer! All this thing needed was a zap of electricity and it would have come to life and started breeding!

Today is our last Saturday in Azle. Next Saturday we become residents of Denton!

And I have already made my last late night trek home through dark, skunk infested backwoods. Now watch ... at some point this semester, I'll get in my truck after night class, start thinking and driving, and before I know it, I'll be halfway down the highway on the old way home! I best text Trish I'm on my way after every class and have her text me back "TURN LEFT OUT OF THE PARKING LOT! DO NOT TURN RIGHT AND HEAD TOWARD THE INTERSTATE! DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200!"


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